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August 27, 2014

Episode 67 - We Won!…Sort of.


The @IVPodcast is rocking this week with an episode full of surprises. First off we talk about the latest on the Starved Rock trail closures, plus a couple notes on the LaSalle Canal Boat. After that we jump into the big patent troll case against podcasters. Personal Audio has decided podcasters are too poor to sue. Nice. After the break things really get interesting when we decide to start randomly calling people on Skype. We would like to thank Rev (@revlo_ND) from the Revcast, and Brodie (@Brodie1138) from Quest Update for jumping on the show. We had a really fun discussion about all sorts of stuff. Rock on and stay posted, t-shirts are coming!


We would like to thank iCandy Graphics and Web Design for sponsoring this week’s show. Check them out for all your graphical and designical needs…

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Links from today’s show:

Ars Technica Article on Adam Carolla Settling

Ars Technical Article on Podcast Patent Troll


The Nerdy Directive Website


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